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Pirates Full Sleeves Tattoos - Phoenix Tattoo - Carpe Diem tats - Stomach - Chest Plates Back Pieces on Pirate


AIDS activist, youth HIV/AIDS educator, long-term survivor Bob Bowers Da Pirate One Tough Pirate-San Francisco, California-United States

Pirates full sleeves tattoos photos/pictures page-Ink on!

Welcome and thanks for visiting One Tough Pirate's tattoos photos page! CARPE DIEM!

pirates tattoos-full sleeves tattoos pictures/photos-Harley Davidson-Spider Webs on elbows-Wind Bars-Chest Plates-Pieces tats

Da Pirate's full sleeves tattoos - - CARPE DIEM!

Show me a man with a tattoo and I'll show you a man with an interesting past.

~Jack London - 1883





ABC-Channel 27 news video by Mitch Weber. Da Pirate getting tattooed  at Smooth Fx in Sauk City, WI


Pirate girl tattoo safety tips tattoo machine tips

Pirate girl says, safety first when getting your tattoo!


Pirate's Guestbook


My next piece i want done is "Carpe Diem" on my back with my dragon's........ I have to say I have never been so moved by another person's spirit as I have been with you. You are such a truly amazing and blessed "Angel PIRATE" and so I really want to get Carpe Diem .......... Have an amazing weekend

~ Lisa
carpe diem wrist tattoos

Lisa's Carpe Diem tattoo

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Thank YOU Pirate! ;) People like you make the world a better place! Keep up the good work, it's totally amazing!

Lots and lots of love! <3

~ Sweden Ink
Chest tattoos plates, carpe diem, wind bars, red ribbon stomach tattoo and lettering, full sleeves tattoos
Photo of Da Pirate's chest plate tattoos, red ribbon stomach tattoo,
Carpe Diem tat, wind bars on the chest and arms and full sleeve
The kanji on my left chest plate means, "Soul."
The right chest plate kanji means, "Spirit."
Conform and be dull James Frank Dobie Got ink?
Pirates tattoos photos page-picture of da pirate
live to tell the tale Pirate advisory OneToughPirate

NEVER EVER SURRENDER! Live to tell the tale!




Couples Therapy VH1 Season 5 featuring appearance by Bob Bowers


What a genuine honor it was to appear on Season 5, episode 9, of Couples Therapy on VH1. I had the distinct honor and pleasure to speak with Evel Dick about dating as heterosexuals living with HIV/AIDS, as well as to lend hope and inspiration! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Eternal gratitude to all involved, and to you for your overwhelming love and support you've shown us all!


#CompassionInAction! #ENDaids! #HOPEfloats!


Evel Dick Bob Bowers HIV AIDS dating heterosexuals Couples Therapy 5 VH1 advocates speakers California

Photo with HIV/AIDS advocate Robert (Bob) Bowers, Dr. Mike Dow, and
Evel Dick Donato former Big Brother winner and more




Pirate qoutes-God would permit us to be pirates-by Mark Twain

It's always good to have fellow tattoo enthusiasts as friends! I will definitely check out your organization. I read your profile, and what you are doing is great And I commend you for being such a strong person!
Take care!!!

AIDS activist Bob Bowers and Youth HIV/AIDS education-OTP social networking sites-San Francisco, California-United States

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  It's an Honor to call you friend too, Bob! For sure! Wow, 27 years! That's awesome and amazing, I'm sorry this year has been so hard. I'm so glad to hear that you will never lose your fighting spirit, I know how hard it can be. I hope that things improve soon and that you start feelin better. I'm Glad to have a friend with your strength and courage, and know that I'm cheerin you on, always. You're not in this fight alone. Your voice and presence does make a Big difference. You inspire me to appreciate Life while I'm here and not to give in to self-destruction like so many other rock n rollers. Thank you. God Bless you Bob! Keep me posted.

~ David


One Tough Pirates full sleeve tattoos - AIDS activist Bob Bowers

One Tough Pirate's full sleeve tattoos color and design by Smooth

The Fire Within Documentary featuring Bob Bowers HIV AIDS long-term survivor


Extremely honored and humbled to be voted #1 in this group of amazing men/WARRIORS living with HIV! Heartfelt thanks to each of you for your courage and tireless efforts in in this ongoing FIGHT of ours to annihilate HIV/AIDS! Immense gratitude to We Are HIV for their incredible efforts to educate, empower, and lessen the dreadful STIGMA that persists around being HIV positive, and or, having an AIDS diagnosis in 2014! #ENDaids!

Ten Sexiest Straight Men Living With HIV In 2014


AIDS activists Bob Bowers Youth HIV/AIDS education awareness san francisco california One Tough Pirate Productions Inc. SF CA


1. Bob Bowers aka One Tough Pirate (San Francisco, CA)

Bowers outreach educates, raises awareness, fights stigma, and perhaps most importantly, invokes compassion, hope, and affirmative change on our planet.

Infected in 1983 from a one-time decision to share a needle, Bob is one of the first 14,000 Americans infected with HIV. He has lived throughout the whole history of the AIDS pandemic, experienced many ups and downs in his health, and lost so many friends you wonder how his heart can bear it...

Read more and see the top 10



I don't know what it is to live with HIV, but I admire your fight, not only for yourself, but for others in need of captain on their ship. You are right never surrender, that goes for whatever we commit ourselves to in our lives.

~ Diana ~


phoenix tattoo & full sleeve tattoos-flaming phoenix back piece tattoos, elbow spider webs, wind bars, mako shark in water, nautical stars and flames

The phoenix tattoo, chest plates and full sleeves tattoos take top honor!!

I entered my first tattoo show at Sauk Prairie Harley Davidson. The show was sponsored by my Smooth Fx and without bias, I'm honored to say I won first place for men's large extensive color! A befitting honor for my good friend and amazing tattoo artist.


full sleeves tattoos-spider webs on elbows, tribal, wind bars, water, hot rod flames and heart on sleeve

One Tough Pirate's full sleeves tattoos...Got ink?!



Tattoos-word history:

Although the practice of tattooing the body is very old, the English word tattoo is relatively new. The explorer Captain James Cook (who also gave us the word taboo) introduced the word to English speakers in his account of a voyage around the world from 1768 to 1771. Like taboo, tattoo comes from Polynesian languages such as Tahitian and Samoan. The earliest use of the verb tattoo in English is found in an entry for 1769 in Cook's diary. Sailors introduced the custom into Europe from the Pacific societies in which it was practiced, and it has remained associated with sailors, although many landlubbers now get tattoos as well.


Da Pirate's tattoos photos page - Got Ink?

hot rod flames tattoos warrior kanji pirate flag skull barbwire spider webs elbows tattoos red rose for my dad pirate flag and skull black wind bars phoenix tattoos back piece with flames

Hot rod flames on both sleeves represent the fire within me, that burning desire to live!

Spider web tattoos on my elbows represent my time served living with AIDS. A life sentence indeed, but not a death sentence!

Phoenix tattoo back piece with flames was to mark my 24th year of kicking HIV ass. Rising up from the ashes to face the challenges before me!

chest plates tattoos, carpe diem tattoos, colorful kanji, fire/flames, wind bars

 (chest plate/piece tattoo)

CARPE DIEM! The chest  plate tattoos are nearing completion! Just some touch up work on the Kanji color and they will be complete!


I had always been warned that the stomach was a sensitive area to be tattooed. Hearing stories of "grown men crying, not finishing their letters, etc." was a bit intimidating but a challenge I welcomed! Considering I'm fully sleeved, to my armpits no less, and the majority of my back and chest are covered in ink, I truly didn't think that I would actually experience pain in the true sense of the word. It was indeed a tough sit to say the very least! However, considering the red ribbon tattoo and "Never Forget" are to mark a QUARTER CENTURY of my living with HIV/AIDS, and to honor my many friends, and all that have passed from this disease, it was worth every ounce of pain and discomfort! Smooth did an incredible job per usual in helping to design and bring the tattoo to life! I have to thank Sean and Danielle for their input and moral support! The comic relief was greatly appreciated too! The red ribbon tattoo on my stomach will serve as my reminder to fight on in honor of many and to



Stomach tattoo of red ribbon and black letters saying "Never forget"
May 14, 2008   stomach tattoos red ribbon black lettering   stomach tattoo letters   stomach tattoos on lower abdomen color red ribbon black lettering words never forget
  Stomach tattoo outline is done   Thumbs up on the black letters   Holy F#CK...Bring on da color



Carpe Diem! One Tough Pirates tattoos-full sleeves photos page


You are a big inspiration to me and when I think of my life I pray that I can make a difference as you have in this world. Somebody ask me a few days ago if I could met anyone in the world who would it be and I said Bob Bowers. The girl ask who you was and I said you was my inspiration and hero.

Sending my love to you always,


Carpe diem tattoos, full sleeve tattoos, kanji chest tattoos, red rose tat, tribal and cross

The carpe diem tattoo and full sleeves tattoos- seize the day!!!


To honor my 24th year of LIVING with HIV/AIDS, I added  the "Carpe Diem" tattoo on my traps. 2007 was a remarkable year to say the very least! My speaking took me from Key West, Florida to Oregon. Our HIV/AIDS poster awareness campaign was launched and featured in POZ magazine, we launched our OTP and HIVictorious clothing, my tattoo sleeves were completed, just to name a few of the highlights of the year.  Seize the day pretty well describes the theme of 2007!  Thank you to my friends, family, Smooth Fx, colleagues, and everyone who has so graciously supported our non-profit, HIVictorious, Inc.



April 30, 2008   adding carpe diem tattoo above the chest pieces/plates   Carpe Diem tattoo going on my traps   carpe diem tattoos neck shoulders plain black font lettering pirate cards dice rose
  T'was good t' be back in the tattoo chair!   Smooth working his magic bringing Carpe Diem t' life   Carpe Diem tattoo is done!
Seize the day!



skull with flames-flaming skull-pirate logo-One Tough Pirate



Pirates tattoos photos page - Got Ink?

tribal skull tattoos arms Angel wings tattoos and banner in memory of Mom nautical stars and hot rod flames Egyptian Ankh tattoos symbolizing eternal life with fire-flames

Exploding tribal skull tattoo and tribal arm design. The skull was a cover-up of my first tattoo of an eagle with a snake in it's talons. YES, it was small.

Angel wings tattoo and banner in Memory of my Mom who passed from Cancer at 35 years young. The design was by Frankie o from Oregon. The nautical star tattoos and hot rod flames tats were added years later.

The Egyptian Ankh tattoo symbolizing eternal life, was done by Frankie Fumano.





Jessica and Bob Bowers -  in Monterey, California! Pirates and Mermaids!



Hey There!! I am in complete awe over you and your story...I took some time and went on your site www.hivictorious.org and was completely blown away...the tears are welling up in my eyes as I am sending you this....I am so overcome with emotion from the video I saw I couldn't breathe I had to go outside to get air and compose myself...you have truly changed me regarding this disease that we fight everyday...I am so honored to know you and stand with you in the fight for HIV/AIDS...may God bless you and keep you in perfect peace...I will never be the same...your wife is an inspiration as well...you are very blessed to have such a wonderful person beside you...I am in complete awe...I just cannot help how I feel from your story...it is a great honor to have you as my friend!!!........

full sleeves tattoos with fire, water, flames, wind bars, heart on my sleeve

Wearing my heart on my sleeve...The full sleeves-Color and black tattoos after many years of collecting ink!


After 17 years of collecting tats that represent 'mile markers' for my survival, some that represent my personality, and a few ' just for the hell of it,' the tie in to my sleeve work continues moving forward with great precision and expertise from Smooth of Smooth Fx Tattoos in Sauk City, Wisconsin.  I'm grateful to everyone who has graced my body with their artistry! I have been tattooed in Wisconsin, Los Angeles, Portland Oregon, Atlantic City, New Jersey, Sturgis, South Dakota and San Diego, California. Stay tuned for more...I think I'm hooked. CARPE F#CKING DIEM!!!



October 11, 2007
I'm thrilled t' say that da left sleeve is COMPLETE!!! After a 5 hour sit with the MASTER of ink, I have a full sleeve of amazing and vibrant ink! We added a few more leaves on the Red Rose and the green is awesome against the black wind bars. To my surprise, it was painless as the needles filled in next to my armpit! I think that also speaks mounds to the smooth precision and steady hand of Smooth. My Guardian Wench on my right arm also got a kick ass makeover.
She is now anatomically enhanced in a vibrant purple!

June 8, 2007

Another 4 hour sit and Smooth finished the color on the flame and nautical star (left upper arm) that was his original design. He also colored some older flames and my 'heart on my sleeve' that I've had for some years. He added some new black tribal to my right arm as well.

April 12, 2007

Back in da chair again! 5 more hours of ink was acquired recently. Per usual, I let Smooth know my vision and his skill and artistry translated into a wicked left upper arm tie-in for da sleeve. With great skill and flawless precision, Smooth added black wind bars, a new flame and nautical star. Stay tuned as it will be continued soon!

February 17, 2007
After a whoppin' 8 hour sit, the right sleeve is nearly complete! We added water and blue wind bars/water around the Mako Shark tattoo and upper arm. Per usual, Smooth has done an amazing job of bringing the pieces together into an awesome sleeve. We still have more water to add and some coloring on a few original pieces. Stay tuned...

January 6, 2007
A red rose is added for my Dad who passed away in 2005, da bluebird receives much deserved
color and da cherries (one ripe and one rotten) are completed!



October 11, 2007   Pirate's sleeves tattooing black wind bars on left arm   harley davidson tattoo touchup ink on left sleeve wind bars black   full sleeve tattoos of red rose cherries bluebird ankh pirate skull and cutlass spider web green leaves dad hot rod flames bulldog pirate flag skull heart barbwire jolly roger flag dice and cards
    Da wind bars in progress
on the inside of the arm
   Harley Davidson tattoo touchup
This was originally done at Sturgis
  FULL sleeve tattoos at last!
We did our best t' the Harley tat
April 12, 2007   Black wind bars tattoos full sleeves completion of left arm   nautical star flame tattoos adding pirate skull black wind bars to upper left arm sleeve work red rose rotten cherry tattoo in memory of dad   wind bars black work on left sleeve white nautical star phoenix back piece is done
    Addin black wind bars
t' the sleeve
  Nautical star and flame work
on the left sleeve
  Completion of da wind bars
on the left sleeve

February 17, 2007

fire hot rod flames nautical stars tattoos angel wings in memory of mom right sleeve water transition

Transition from fire to water on the
sleeve and nautical stars

water wind bars tattoos exploding tribal skull tats

Water &  wind bars go in around
the tribal skull

full sleeve tattoos with water mako shark waves hot rod flames nautical stars cross and banner

Full sleeve tattoo with the Mako Shark in water and waves meeting the flames


One Tough Pirate's completed full sleeves tattoos


June 8, 2007   yellow flames nautical star with orange tats on full sleeve red heart barbwire tattoos   full sleeves tattoo   tattoo courage heart red skull tat with dagger horseshoe cards and dice nautical star and flames

Adding yellow flames to the
back of the arm

  Addin white in the nautical star tattoo. Dig this tat!   I know why his name is Smooth! Brilliant full sleeves!
January 6, 2007   red rose tattoo in memory of Dad with green leaves and harley davidson emblem design touchup   bluebird tattoo harley davidson tattoos touchup rose tatoo in memory of those lost in the fight   cherry tattoo ripe and rotten red tat on left sleeve

Start of the red rose tattoo in
memory of my Dad


Da Bluebird tattoo receives color!
In memory/honor of lost lives!

  Da rotten and ripe cherry tattoos receive color


pirates tattoos photos/pictures  

The world is divided into two kinds of people: those who have tattoos, and those who are afraid of people with tattoos.

~ Author Unknown

Witness some of da evolution of Da Pirate's tattoo sleeves by Smooth of Smooth Fx Tattoo's in Sauk City, Wisconsin. Smooth has done a flawless job of taking once all black and gray tattoos and bringing them into living color. Da 4 nautical stars, da two cherries, da rose, da pirate skull and knife, wind bars, da intensive flame work, water and phoenix tattoos are all his original work. He is without a doubt, "SMOOOOOOOOOOOOTH!"





AIDS activists-long-term AIDS survivors-Youth HIV/AIDS education-Bob Bowers-San Francisco, California-United States


Pirates tattoos photos page - Got Ink?

part of Da Pirates full sleeve tattoos-Heart on my sleeve tattoo with barbwire-courage banner-black wind bars and skull & knife Pirate wench tattoo (my guardian wench) tattoos Pirate skull tattoo because I'm a PIRATE! What kind of Pirate would I be without Pirate tats?

Heart on my sleeve tattoo with barbwire and courage banner for my 15th year of survival

Pirate wench tattoo (my guardian wench) for my 19th year of surviving with HIV/AIDS. EVERY Pirate needs a good Wench!

Pirate skull tattoo just because I'm a PIRATE! What kind of Pirate would I be without Pirate tats

full sleeve tattoos black wind bars heart on my sleeve neck tat spider webs skull

Full sleeve tattoos with wind bars, skull, cards, horseshoe, and spider web on the elbow


Da Pirate's full chest plates/pieces-wind bars tattoos-full sleeves tattoos-red ribbon stomach tattoo letters saying never forget-Photo by Luke Severson


One Tough Pirate's chest plates tattoos after the wind bars were completed and the kanji was colored again.
The red ribbon stomach tattoo is far and away one of my most meaningful tattoos! The kanji on
my left chest plate means, "Soul." The right chest plate kanji means, "Spirit."


Carpe Diem!! Flaming skull with flames OTP One Tough Pirate AIDS activist and youth hiv/aids educator Bob Bowers San Francisco, California


In celebration of my 23rd year of living with HIV/AIDS and my 43rd birthday, I have gotten my Phoenix tattoo at last! Smooth Fx consulted with me and custom designed this most remarkable back piece. It covers the majority of my back has taken multiple sittings. Thus far, I have 20 hours into it and counting... For me, the Phoenix symbolizes life, rising up to fight and my will to survive. It is a strong and poignant tribute to honor all those who have blessed my journey and continue to watch over me from above. Thank you to Rebecca Venn for instilling in me such a remarkable life lesson! Thank you to my friends who also contributed to making this piece possible, I am eternally grateful. Thank you to "Smooth" for bringing this vision to life in grand fashion!




The Making of the Phoenix back piece



Smooth creating One Tough Pirate's custom Phoenix back piece. As you can see, he lives up to his name!





Never Surrender is right... Just make sure you are taking care of yourself. So many people rely on you and the impact that you make on their lives. You are an amazing man.

~ Stacy
Bob, thanks a lot for coming to speak with us. Friday after school I saw you already had our pictures up on your sites. Your personal site is awesome, very cool tattoo pictures! Thanks again and maybe I'll see ya this summer.  

~ Brett
Thank you for being a voice for so many people that don't have a voice any more and being an inspiration for others when they have lost their hope. Hope you have the raddest pirate birthday ever!

~ Jeremy


Bob Bowers-One Tough Pirate-AIDS San Francisco, California activist-Youth HIV/AIDS education in schools-Long-term AIDS survivors

Bob Bowers aka One Tough Pirate

Free Guestbook from Bravenet.com


Phoenix rising!

Phoenix tattoo full back piece with fire flames flaming custom rising in honor of lost friends

Phoenix tattoo full back piece
One Tough Pirate enjoying some sun and surf in
Key West, Florida

  The Phoenix

You have, like the phoenix, risen from the ashes through your own determination and will. Remember that what has risen from the ashes is not a toad or mole, or skunk or weak lil' worm but a beautiful strong soaring phoenix that has spread his wings over and around us. So soar on, my friend, and enjoy the the wind in your face and the warmth of your friends and the beauty of your accomplishments.

Hugs forever,
Rebecca Venn
I am honored to be a friend. I came across your site today and was so inspired by you. You have a positive attitude so many can learn from. When you ended your message to me today with Carpe diem it was enlightening because my status today was: "Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero!" Seize the day and place no trust in tomorrow. My take on this latin saying is "Live for today, for you never know what tomorrow may bring!"

~ Laurie




Pirate full sleeves tattoos nautical stars phoenix back piece flaming skull nautical star horseshoe knife barb wire courage red heart & spider webs on elbows

Full sleeves tattoos-Da Pirate's various sleeve tattoos nautical star, flaming skull and elbow spider web


Pirate clothing HIVictorious clothes support the fight against HIV AIDS
Join us in the fight against HIV/AIDS

Click here to view our online store


HIVictorious and One Tough Pirate online store merchandise for sale

Click here to see our complete online merchandise

All proceeds directly benefit One Tough Pirate Productions, Inc.'s HIV/AIDS prevention and education


tattoo magazine cover photo






old school nurse tattoos with cross and syringe

Some Helpful Tattoo Links



It's truly an honor to become a friend! Thank you for your tireless effort and commitment to raising awareness and opening up a can o'whoopass on HIV/AIDS! You have my support, Mate!!.


~ Kimmie





Check out some of the Pirate's Harley Davidson photos.
The tattoos (since finishing the color on the now full sleeves) are rarely exposed when riding the
Harley Davidson (The Black Pearl) due to wanting to preserve the integrity of the amazing color by Smooth.

Smooth Fx tattoo custom tats piercing tattoos in Sauk City Wisconsin

If you're In the Madison, Wisconsin area and want incredible custom tattoos, check out the one and only Smooth! You'll thank me!


custom tattoos and piercing by Smooth Fx in Sauk City, Wisconsin



You my Brother...I checked out the link you sent to me. You are truly an inspiration and a warrior!!! Your story touched me. This crazy world needs more soldiers like you!!! I respect someone who turns negative into positive!! Two giant thumbs up, from SIN!!!



red ribbon tattoos-aids awareness-chest tattoos-carpe diem tattoos-black wind bars-water and flames tattoos

Red ribbon tattoo to mark my 25th year of kickin HIV ass! THANKS Smooth!

Chest plates tattoos pictures page-The chest pieces are finally done-Carpe Diem-Nautical Stars-Bob Bowers is an AIDS activist, youth HIV/AIDS educator & long-term survivor of HIV/AIDS based in Madison, Wisconsin



"If there were such a thing as a force of destiny in our lives, I would say that Bob Bowers was born for this role; no one has carried this difficult mantle with more dignity, conviction, purpose, and compassion."

 ~ Madeleine Schwab
Cross Roads High School
Santa Monica, California ~



Bob, it has been a while since I have been in touch with you. Just want to say how much I LOVE your energy and CONSTANT positive outlook at life. Keep it up man!

~ Julianna
I was really touched today while you were speaking. Those things realty hit home. I'm glad u have the heart and strength to go and tell you story. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

~ Sarah



Color work on Bob Bowers' full sleeves by SmoothFx Tattoo

Just checked out your sites and watched the you tube....Bob, you are awesome! I have two kids myself, a son 10 and a daughter 15. I will sit them down by the computer one nite and share your sites with them.

I'm so happy to be ur friend!




The spider webs on my elbows are symbolic of my 'time' with HIV/AIDS

Also, my 'Guardian Wench' and the  Kanji for Warrior on my 17th year

One Tough Pirate Da Pirate skull flames glow pirate




mako sharks tattoos custom london bellman atomic arts tattoo portland oregon

Bluebirds tattoos and rose RIP banner in memory purple flowers

The Mako shark tattoo in memory of my friend and shark fishing buddy, Steve Feder who passed away from AIDS

The bluebird tattoo  and R.I.P. banner marked the 20th Anniversary of AIDS honoring all who have died from this dreadful pandemic,
 including my friends! R.I.P.



The honor is all mine, Pirate. What a tough, intelligent, compassionate and beautiful warrior you are. mad respect to you!!!




pirates full sleeves tattoos, wind bars, tribal, spider webs elbows, flames, water, hot rod tats, color, black

One Tough Pirate's full sleeves tattoos have been 18 years in the making. CARPE DIEM!




Youth HIV/AIDS educator, AIDS activist & long-term survivor Bob Bowers, One Tough Pirate, also known simply as " Da Pirate." Bob been living with and surviving HIV/AIDS for 32 years. Bob started as an HIV positive speaker with peer education programs in Los Angeles shortly after his diagnosis. To broaden his personal message of prevention through education, hope and awareness of the disease, Bob founded the nonprofit educational organization, HIVictorious, Inc. in 2005. One Tough Pirate Productions, Inc., addresses youth HIV/AIDS education and prevention and provides AIDS awareness in the San Francisco, California Bay Area and throughout the United States through Bob's public speaking and its AIDS awareness poster contest, "What if it Were You?" Mr. Bowers is a leading and well respected AIDS advocate and leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS. As a long-term survivor of HIV/AIDS, and someone who has lost dozen of friends to AIDS, Bob is wholeheartedly committed to educating today's youth and young adults about the realities of HIV/AIDS, as well as living with AIDS long-term. Mr. Bowers is a champion for hope and survival despite some of the difficult circumstances that we ALL face in life.

Chest tattoos photos page-Chest plates/pieces tattoos-Bob Bowers-One Tough Pirate-San Francisco, California-United States Chest tattoos photos page-Chest plates/pieces tattoos-Bob Bowers-One Tough Pirate-San Francisco, California-United States

"Compassion is our cure." Bob Bowers


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